2. Down in the valley,
A red bird sings to me,
Recallin’ my true love,
Far away in Tennessee.



4.Crisp winter morning
Foraging goldfinch
Warms my heart.



The stage is bare. An actor enters, dressed as a blackberry bush, and stands at stage left.
Another actor, dressed as a blue jay, enters from stage right.

Jay: [Walks to bush and begins to sample berries]

Bush: Go away. I’m saving my fruit for someone special.

[Curtain falls]

7. “The program is reportedly codenamed ‘Dove’ and run by Song Bifeng, a professor at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an…The bird-like drones mimic the flapping wings of a real bird using a pair of crank-rockers driven by an electric motor. Each drone has a high-definition camera, flight control system and a data link with satellite communication capability.”

Written by : Bob Burnett