I’ve reached 80 years
29220 days
A trail of joy not tears
Escaping from pandemic craze
Entering another phase.

It’s okay to be difficult
Got that from Marylu
Rise above the tumult
Plebian concepts eschew
Maintain an independent view.

Along the way, lessons learned
Some easy, some with pain
Bridges crossed, a couple burned
Memories etched into the brain
Staying sober, keeping sane.

First, try not to be too serious
Although that’s often hard
Second, remain curious
Look at life beyond your yard
(Sometimes) let down your guard.

Third, escape from your head
Set aside your inhibitions
Consider what it is you dread
Accept love without conditions
Befriend neighborhood musicians.

Fourth, make time for love
In all its vexing variety
Give your heart a little shove
Overcome your anxiety
Treasure notoriety.

Above all, take a risk
Open that foreboding door
Don’t regret what you’ve missed
Bring your instincts to the fore
Make contact with your core.

Written by : Bob Burnett