Maybe it’s my imagination, but
when we break into small groups,
You’re always sitting next to me (blush).

Perhaps it’s a brain malfunction, because
You are Mona Lisa, and
I am lowly worm (sigh).

On our high-school-biology bus trip
You sat in front of me, and
I was able to talk to you (although my heart beat like a drum).

In our U.S. History honors class
We had to work with a partner, and
You selected me (gasp).

After I joined
the drama improvisation group
You did, too (hmm).

When we sat on the gymnasium floor
and the lights went off
You were there (close).

I savored your fragrance, as
you took my hand, and
we kissed (aah).

Idyll, Javea by Joaquín Sorolla – Public domain

Written by : Bob Burnett