Everybody’s got a laughin’ place,
A laughin’ place, to go ho-ho!
Take a frown, turn it upside-down
And you’ll find yours I know ho-ho!
Walt Disney, “Song of the South” (1946)

I lost my laughin’ place
There’s no smile upon my face
Hard times have swept this space
I can’t find my laughin’ place.

I’ve forgotten how to smile
All the news is full of bile
Staying numb is not my style
I can’t find my laughin’ place.

My days are filled with gloom
Darkness shrouds my room
Now I fret and fume
I can’t find my laughin’ place.

Hark, I hear a sound
Nature’s music all around
Beams of starlight
Cleanse the night
My foot began to tap
My fingers start to snap
I cast my gaze above the ground
Notice beauty all around
Spring has broken through the cloud
Pulled away my fearsome shroud
Joy became my laughin’ place.

Written by : Bob Burnett