December, a time for GRATITUDE
2020, a year of DISASTER
When the air was thick with TENSION
Infused with the fetid odor of POLITICS
Catalyzed by pandemic-fed ISOLATION
As we struggled to realize SIMPLICITY

The most challenging virtue: simplicity
(More demanding than gratitude)
Begin by savoring isolation
Clear your mind of disaster
Turn off the torrent of politics
Recognize anxiety and tension

2020, defined by tension
The antidote: simplicity
Heals anxiety precipitated by politics
(Soon, a president who fills me with gratitude)
A year teetering on the edge of disaster
Months spent in prickly isolation

2020’s legacy: isolation
A retreat from omnipresent tension
Shelter from the threat of disaster
Take refuge in simplicity
In ritual express gratitude
Forswear the swamp of politics

2020’s malignancy: Politics
Emails and tweets shattered isolation
November 3rd brought gratitude
Release from tension
The taste of simplicity
A reprieve from disaster

2020’s bequest: disaster
Nihilism fanned by the fires of politics
An existential threat diminished by simplicity
Amplified by isolation
Fomenting tension
Each safe day promoting gratitude

2021 intentions: avoid DISASTER
celebrate ISOLATION



Written by : Bob Burnett