2021, a dreadful year
Not to be lamented
365 days of Covid fear
Politics demented
Reality tormented.

Lucky to escape alive
Fortunate to stay sane
In some regards, to thrive
Blessed to keep my brain
Charmed to miss the pain.

Our hopes for 2022
Something old
Something new
Become more bold
Go for the gold.

Treasure family and friends
Open to more love
The chance to make amends
The comfort thereof
Instead of hawk, the dove.

So, what did we learn?
Always the key question
Bridges not to burn
Lighten our possession(s)
Eschew micro aggressions(s).

And now for resolutions:
Number one is travel
Trust there will be solutions
Arrangements won’t unravel
Omicron just a cavil.

Number two is art
More music and more plays
Lyrics conveying heart
Bringing an upward gaze
On occasion, a clever phrase.

Number three is politics
Return to the barricades
Fight their dirty tricks
Support progressive crusades
Be a jack-of-all-trades.

Goodbye and good riddance
Ghastly 2021
Email the remittance
Happy you are done
Now let’s have fun.

Written by : Bob Burnett