In the dark of night
Love rapped on my door
Gave my heart a fright
Knocked me to the floor
With  memories of yore.

I pleaded, “Love, go away
Come back when I’m ready
Wait for another day
When my nerves are steady
Besides, you came already.”

Love laughed and shook its head,
“I delight to make you suffer
Fill your soul with dread
Rend you to a duffer
Make your days seem rougher.”

I staggered to my feet
Braced to meet my fate
Formed a plan for quick retreat
Realized it was too late
All I could do was wait.

“I’m too old” I muttered
Playing the desperation card
Love laughed and my heart fluttered
“You believe your soul is scarred
But life’s a game played hard.”

Love seized my withered heart
In an instant, filled it with joy
Music, literature, and art,
The past a faint decoy
As geriatric turned to boy.

Written by : Bob Burnett