If I tell you something,
will you keep it secret?

“Of course,” I said.
We’d been close for years.

I have a new friend.
I want you to meet him
“Okay,” I said.
She’d been alone too long.

He’s a little shy.
I’m hoping to have a party to introduce him.

“Let me know.”
I was happy for her.

There’s one thing about him.
He’s not from around here
“Probably for the best.”
She’d grown beyond local culture.

He’s from another planet.”
She gripped my hand.
“Like, L.A.?”
I thought she was kidding.

Like beyond our solar system.
Like somewhere unpronounceable
My mouth fell open.

Is that too weird for you?
She squeezed my hand.
“A little.”
I didn’t know what to say.

He’s very nice.
You’d never guess he’s an alien
“I’d like to meet him.”
My heart pounded in my chest.

How about tomorrow?

“Sure. Any time.”
I was worried.

I’ll call you.”
She smiled
Walked off with a lilt.
Disappeared forever.

Written by : Bob Burnett