60th Stanford Reunion

Sue: John would have been here but he had a heart attack.  Last year, Barbara died from cancer. You remember Ken? He was in a terrible auto accident. Cynthia went hiking and fell off a cliff…

Lou: I live in Beverly Hills and have a pied-à-terre in New York; and a condo in Aspen and another in Wailea. I spend a lot of time in Vegas. I just bought an Aston Martin. I can’t stay very long, I’m working on a new deal…

Chris: We live in Chagrin Falls. My husband, Paul, is an anesthesiologist. We have three children: Paul Junior works on Wall Street. Janice and her family live on a ranch outside Whitefish, Montana; I often go there to help Janice with her daughters. Mason is in Los Angles, struggling to find himself.

Nick: Are you going to the Arizona State game? I go to all the all the games; my tickets are on the fifty-yard line. The “boosters” are unhappy with coach Shaw. Do you remember my key block in “the big game”?

Nell: Do you mind if I smoke? I’ve given up all my vices except for cigarettes. Coughs. I’m doing better now since I gave my heart to Jesus.

Larry: I’m an Uber driver.  It works with my schedule because I go to one or two meetings a day. My wife and I were meth addicts. I got into recovery; Lucy didn’t and now she’s dead.

Sally: Ed wants to say hello but he can’t talk much since his stroke.


Photo atribution: Bob Burnett

Written by : Bob Burnett