World War I vet
Prances through the dark halls of the VA hospital
A forty-five-year resident
“Shell shock”
Stopped speaking after Belleau Wood.

World War II vet
Hands shake beneath the dining-room table
Brilliant mechanical engineer with a penchant for self-destruction
Booze and pills
Crashed his plane at Kwajalein.

Vietnam War vet
When the helicopter flies over
Crawls under the table, crying
Anti-depressants and therapy
Led a covert mission into Cambodia.

Victim of the “dating wars”
Won’t leave her apartment
without female escorts
Anti-depressants and alchohol
Raped by a fellow acting student.

Veteran of the “Trump wars”
Lost his service job and lives at home
“The deep state is coming for us”
Constantly online
Participated in the January 6th insurrection.

Written by : Bob Burnett