Living in a tacky tract house
On the mean streets of Costa Mesa
Celebrated Fridays with a party
Our backyard a sea of faces.

I provided beer and music
Ray Charles and Big Joe Turner
Nate purloined t-bones
And fired up the burner.

Attracted a raucous crowd
Everyone brought stuff
Never charged a penny
Always had enough.

On a warm summer day
Friends brought their band
Everyone was dancing
On our grass, dirt, and sand.

I was sashaying all alone
Feeling’ rather grand
When Kate showed up
Took me by the hand.

I’d seen her around
Thought she was with Eddie
Now she floated in my arms
Making me her steady.

We cavorted into the night
Got sprinkled in summer rain
Not a thing to lose
A whole world to gain.

My life might have ended then
An ecstatic blaze of glory
The stuff of So Cal legend
A romantic heartthrob story.

But as we all know
Life grinds on and on
We don’t get to choose
The exit where we’re gone.

I don’t know where Kate is now
lost touch in ninety-two
Too bad it didn’t work out
As we each found someone new.

But I’ll treasure that moment
Joy wrapped around some pain
Romance at the backyard barbecue
Dancing in summer rain.

Written by : Bob Burnett