The initial presidential debate had a clear winner, Hillary Clinton.

The outcome of the vice-presidential debate was less clearcut: many observers thought that Republican Mike Pence won on style points because Democrat Tim Kaine interrupted too often.  On the other hand, Kaine seemed to score the most political points, repeatedly backing Pence into a corner, forcing him to “defend” Donald Trump and lie in the process.  And Pence made the one obvious faux pas — attempting to defend the Trump characterizing Mexican immigrants as “Criminals and rapists” — “Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

Vice-presidential debates seldom make a difference on a election day.  Trump supporters will be pleased with Pence’s performance.  Clinton supporters will be pleased with Kaine’s performance.

Undecided voters probably turned off the debate and tuned into the MLB playoffs.  But in days to come, these votes will hear the line, “Senator you whipped out that Mexican thing again,” and they will encounter Democratic videos reminding them that Pence could not defend Trump’s most outrageous statements.


Written by : Bob Burnett