I’ll hold her.
She’s beautiful

You’re standing.
Go ahead sweetheart
Take a step
I’ve got you.

You don’t need training wheels
Just keep pedaling.
Steer straight ahead
I’ll keep you from falling.

Don’t worry
I’ll catch you.
Jump in the pool and
Swim to where I’m standing.

Close your eyes
Fall backwards
Into my arms.

Take a deep breath
You know your lines.
Just pretend
The audience isn’t there.

This song is a cappella,
Your voice is strong
We’ll start
With your solo.

The only way
to find out
Is to walk up and
talk to him.

Would you like to dance?
Take my hand
Follow my lead.

This party is boring.
Why don’t we
Take a walk
And get to know each other?

I was wondering
If you
Would be my date
For the prom.

A group of us
Are going skiing.
Would you like to
Go with me?

Next year
I’m going to rent off campus.
Would you like to
live with me?

You should go med school at Stanford.
After I graduate
I could live there
and get a job.

I love you,
It’s time
for us
to marry.

I’ll hold her.
She’s  beautiful

Written by : Bob Burnett