Velma Can’t Dance

Music at the Farmers’ Market
Gave me my big chance
To show off some fancy moves
Only, Velma didn’t dance.

This particular Friday
Everyone jivin’ on the green
I joined them and called out,
“C’mon Velma, it’s a scene.”

Velma downed her Margarita,
Shook her head no,
Then her friend, Maxine,
Dragged her on the floor.

Velma shuffled her feet
“I don’t know what I’m doin’.”
I took her hand in mine
Seized my chance for wooin’.

At first I took it slow
Tryin’ not to rankle
Velma began to smile
And then she turned her ankle.

I helped her off the floor
Sat her in a chair
Reverend Jim rushed over
“I’ll take care of it from here.”

He removed her shoe
Started massagin’ her foot
Velma smiled and sighed,
“That sure feels good.”

Jim picked up Velma
“I’ll take her to the doc.
“You stay here, boy
“We’ll be back by 8 o’clock.”

I watched them drive away
Feeling’ I’d been had
Then Bobbi Sue took my hand
“Ain’t no time for feelin’ sad.”

Got a chance to show my moves
Out there with Bobbi Sue
She laughed and moved close
Showed me smooth moves, too.

At 8 o’clock, the music stopped
Bobbi Sue was in my arms
“Velma’s not coming back
“Pay attention to my charms.”

I took her home
Soon it was after Two
Turned out she had a lot of moves
And a colorful tattoo.

I learned my big lesson:
When you’re starting a romance
Keep your wits about you
Pick someone who can dance.


Photo Attribution: Adobe Stock

Written by : Bob Burnett