Lost Our Way

Had a nice vacation
Terrific place to stay
Until we took a hike
And quickly lost our way.

At first the the trail seemed easy
Then we hit a strange detour
That sent us down a tangent
Where the footing was unsure.

It should have a been a warning
When Google failed to work
But I was sure I knew the way
And acted like a jerk.

We wandered into a ravine
Avoiding poison oak
Myra started grumbling
“I wish this was a joke.”

“Lets’s head downhill,” I said
“We’ll just follow the sun.
“I’m pretty sure this path
“Comes out on Highway One.”

The temperature got warm
“It feels just like a sauna.”
We encountered civilization
Green fields of marijuana.

Turned out the plants were owned
by the “Demons” motorcycle gang
They came roaring up
Delivered a profane harangue.

Myra started cryin’
“We’ve gone from bad to worse
“I’ll never leave alive
“Your hike has been a curse.”

Fortunately, Spike and Bruno
Were more than hairy hunks
They drove us to their friends
A group of Buddhist Monks.

We sat beneath ancient oaks
And drank their icy tea
Then hopped into their pickup
For the trip to our B and B.

I’ve learned my big lesson
That I must confess
Never leave your home
Without a working GPS.

Photo: Adobe Stock

Written by : Bob Burnett